direct drives


Direct drives and High-Torque-machines with high pole numbers to generate high torque ratings at low speeds. Many applications can be solved with such machines without gearboxes. But the production process of such machines is expensive and it is difficult to achieve competitive prices against gear motors or gearboxes with standard motor.

Over the last few years, together with our partner we have developed methods and technologies to produce direct drives at competitive production costs by working and improving all parameters in motor design and motor production. A sensible reduction of production costs can be realised by improved design methods (calculation algorithms and programs) and production technologies (winding technology becomes easier and faster, automatic and high speed magnet application technologies have been developed).

Additionally the influence of developments and trends of raw material prices have been taken into account:

  • Prices of copper and electrical steel have risen considerably, resulting in higher costs on conventional motors than on direct drives.
  • Magnet prices have dropped for a long time, while both quality and stability of magnet basic material have been increased at the same time.

In the long run, a competitive advantage can be realised by direct drives which

  • are cutting-edge and designed in accordance with state-of-the-art-technology
  • are produced at high volume applying the right production technology.