Generators and drives for hybrid and diesel-electric systems


Environmental issues and application demands are dramatically boosting the use of hybrid systems. A significant saving of fuel can be achieved through optimized diesel-electric systems based on downsized combustion engines using an automatic start-up function and the reuse of energy (e.g. charging batteries when decelerating a vehicle).

Schabmüller offers complete hybrid/diesel-electric systems, consisting of:

  • Efficient permanent magnet generators (either directly attached to the combustion engine or coupled with gears or belts)
  • Traction, pump and auxiliary motors in various sizes and power ranges

An optimized hybrid system can only designed by taking an integrated view of all components and adapting the system to the duty cycle of the vehicle concerned. In such projects, we involve our cooperation partners (e.g. those responsible for electronic development) at a particularly early stage in the project.

Examples include:

  • Replacement of a diesel-hydraulic system by a diesel-electric system in a skid-steer loader (generator, traction, pump and fan motor)
  • Integration of a generator into an existing tractor engine/gear system (generator and fan motor)
  • Replacement of a belt-driven alternator by a high performance generator in trucks and busses (generator and fan motor)
  • Implementation of a direct drive unit into a forklift truck (including reuse of braking energy)