Overview of the Product Range


Schabmüller offers a complete range of electric drive solutions for different fields of application.

Hybrid Systems
Efficient permanent magnet generators, either directly attached to the combustion engine or coupled with gears or belts. Traction, pump and auxiliary motors in various sizes and power ranges. 


Induction Motors
High performance induction motors for battery-powered vehicles in the range of 12 to 80 volt and up to 100kW with connections and dimensions tailored to our customers' requirements.

PM-Synchronous Motors
Synchronous machines for achieving the maximum power and torque density for application as drive systems as well as generators in hybrid systems.

DC Motors
Direct current motors for the operation in mobile battery-powered vehicles in a voltage range of 12 to 80 volt with a power of up to 50kW.

Integrated Systems
Drive systems with gears and converters/controllers, offered as motor-in-wheel drives, vertical drives or axle systems.

Direct Drives
Direct drives and High-Torque-machines with high pole numbers to generate high torque ratings at low speeds. 


Fields of Application
Application in different fields:

  • Hybrid systems for off-road applications (e.g. agricultural machinery, construction machinery)
  • Battery-powered vehicles (e.g. for material handling)
  • Mobile hydraulics
  • Bow thrusters
  • Industrial applications
  • ?

Long-term provision of maintenance service and support as well as spare parts and replacement motors by our professional customer service center.