Environmental Orientation


Environmental Orientation
The business premises of Schabmüller are located in the marginal zone of the Altmühltal Nature Reserve. Not only for this reason is the sustainable protection of the environment one of our essential business objectives.

Already certified to Bavarian Government standard and with certification to ISO 14001, we place a great deal of emphasis on ecological issues. Although we already fulfil high standards with regard to energy efficiency and environmental compatibility, we pay permanent attention to this process..

Reduction of Environmental Pollution
These days the products developed by Schabmüller already fulfil the great demands regarding energy efficiency and environmental compatibility.
By means of a comprehensive approach starting with the first idea of the product up to the disposal we are always anxious to prevent avoidable pollution and therefore contribute to the protection of the human health and nature. We especially draw attention to this aspect for the further development of our product line and for new developments.

By optimizing the internal processes and procedures, we were able to reduce consumption of resources and energy. Environmentally-friendly developments are implemented into our production process.

For the purchasing of raw and ancillary materials as well as consumables we always keep an eye on the application of environmentally compatible substances. Our supplier selection is next to economic requirements - to a great extend based on ecological aspects. We expect our suppliers to have the highest environmental awareness.

Responsibility and Objectives
All employees of Schabmüller are, within the scope of our management system, obliged to make their contribution to environmental protection. The executives are responsible to motivate all employees for the active support by means of information and training.

The environmental objectives of Schabmüller are established with clearly defined guidelines and metrics.
The achievement of these objectives is regularly revised by the management on basis of the management review. Activities for improvement are specified together.